Oil Product Import Diminishes

Oil Product Import Diminishes

In January, import of oil products (petrol and diesel fuel) made 71,1 thousand tons, which is 45,6 thousand tons less than in December, last year.

In the last month, the import of petrol fuel made 39,4 thousand tons and diesel fuel – 31,7 thousand tons.

The fuel categories, in January 2018, import of petrol fuel in Georgia amounted to: A-91 Regular Petrol – 28,8 thousand tons, i.e., 73,1%; A-95 Premium Petrol – 10,0 thousand tons, i.e., 25,4%; A-98 Super Petrol – 0,6 thousand tons, i.e., 1,5%.

By countries, in January 2018, the biggest volume of petrol and diesel fuel was imported from Russia – 28,6 thousand tons, which is 40,3% of total volume. After Russia, the biggest importing countries are: Romania – 19,7 thousand tons (27,7%); Azerbaijan – 9,4 thousand tons (13,2%); Turkmenistan – 6,2 thousand tons (8,7%); Greece – 3,7 thousand tons (5,2%); Bulgaria – 3,4 thousand tons (4,8%).

In January, import of jet fuel in Georgia made 1,5 thousand tons, which is 10,6 thousand tons less than in previous month.

The Union of Oil Product Importers connects the import reduction to seasonal factors. Namely: import and consumption of oil products is traditionally less during this month of the year, compared to previous months, since certain stocks are created in December. Besides, in January there are many holidays, which significantly reduces oil product consumption.

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