The Most Demanded Professions In Georgia

The Most Demanded Professions In Georgia

According to the vacancies, published by the private employment agency in 2012-2016, the three leading economic sectors are represented by: wholesale and retail trade, administrative and complementary services, financial and insurance services.

Based on the labor market analysis conducted by the Ministry of Economy of Georgia, which is based upon data, the most demanded professions are: sales officers; professionals associated with business and administration (sales-procurement agents, brokers, commercial service agents); business and administration professionals (financial, administration, sales, marketing and public relations professionals).

The proportion of labor force demand by professions is as follows:

  • Sales officers – 24.48%
  • Professionals associated with business and administration – 14.36%
  • Administrative and commercial managers – 6.52%
  • Healthcare professionals – 4.86%
  • Production and special service managers – 4.79%
  • Individual service officers – 4.32%
  • Customer service officers – 4.19%
  • Information and communication technologies professionals – 3.98%
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