Professions, whose representatives work the longest

Professions, whose representatives work the longest

The working week in Georgia is 39.6 hours on average.

“Most of the employees in Georgia work longer than it is determined by law” – these is the conclusion of survey conducted by Statistics department. In 2018, working hours increased in almost all sectors of the economy compared to 2017. The number of working hours per week is on average 39.6 hours, which is 1.8 hours more than for previous year.

According to the Labor Code of Georgia, the duration of the working week is defined as 40 hours and only in exceptional cases (specific working places) is 48 hours.

According to the survey, men’s working hours in Georgia exceed women in all areas. In 2018, working week hours including overtime is as follows:

Households, as employers, activities – 53.9 hours a week

Facilities and food delivery activities – 53 hours per week

Construction – 51.5 hours per week

Administrative and support services – 51 hours a week

Wholesale and retail trade; Car repair – 49.2 hours per week

State management and defense – 47.6 hours per week

Exterritorial organizations and bodies activities – 47.6 hours per week

Real estate activities – 47.5 hours per week

Transportation and storage – 47.4 hours per week

Industry – 47.1 hours per week

Other services – 45.4 hours per week

Financial and insurance activities – 43 hours per week

Information and communication – 42.9 hours per week

Health and social services – 42.4 hours per week

Professional, scientific and technical activities – 41 hours a week

Art, fun and recreation – 38.8 hours a week

Education – 30 hours a week

Rural, forestry and fish farming – 29.2 hours per week

MAXIS GLOBAL BENEFIT publishes data on the overtime working hours in different countries of the world. Georgia is not in the study. According to the results, most of the overtime hours are employed by the United Arab Emirates and it is 24 hours a month. The duration of the overtime working hours in the United States is an average of 23.2 hours per month, and Hong Kong has the similar data. The French employees spend over 22.4 hours per month, Indians and Russians – 22.1 hours, Brazilians 18 hours, and British employees – 17.2 hours.

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