Public vs. Private Schools – Student Results from the United National Exams

Public vs. Private Schools – Student Results from the United National Exams

In regard to the United National Exams, participants from Tbilisi were significantly superior in comparison to those living in other cities and villages. In every subject the points accumulated by private school graduates were also much higher than the points of students from public schools. According to research conducted by the National Assessment & Examination Centre, the differences are depend more on the location than on the type of the school the student is from. In some of the subjects, for example physics and mathematics, the difference between the graduates of public and private schools was very small. The biggest gap in the results given to the students that live in Tbilisi vs. those from other cities and villages was visible in regard to foreign languages: entrants from Tbilisi received on average 22 points more in foreign language tests than those living in villages. In the English language test this is equivalent to a standard deviation, which is a quite a high indicator.

However, the maximum-medium points and the standard deviations are still significantly different from one another. Therefore, when comparing the results of the subjects it is better to do it while keeping in mind the standardized coefficients. In this regard, in comparison to public school graduate the private school graduates score significantly higher in foreign languages, geography, general skills, arts, and chemistry. By all parameters there are the smallest amount of differences in scores when it comes to the subjects of Georgian language, history and civic education.

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