Retail Revenue of Mobile Operators Increasing

Retail Revenue of Mobile Operators Increasing

According to data of the Georgian National Communication Commission the retail revenues of mobile operators in Georgia increased by 7.3% in comparison with previous year and reached GEL481 million in 2018.

Magticom is leading with 46.9% market share, Silknet / Geocell – 36.7% and Beeline – 16.4%.

74% of mobile revenues (GEL356 million) were generated by individual subscribers and 26% (GEL 125 million) by corporate segment.

The market share by the number of subscribers is distributed correspondingly:

Magticom – 40.3%, Silknet / Geocell – 35.8% and Beeline (Vioni Georgia) – 23.9%.

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) excluding VAT and excise equals to 8.2 GEL. In comparison with 2017, this indicator has increased by 80 Tetri.

According to data for IV quarter of 2018, MagtiCom was leading with highest ARPU rate.

MOU (Minutes of Usage) only for outgoing traffic was also increased by 2.7% in comparison with 2017 and equaled 9.9 billion minutes.

As for mobile internet users, by the end of 2018, Silknet / Geocell was leading with 1.136 million users, followed by MagtiCom with 976 thousand users and Beeline – with 836 thousand users.

However, the share of mobile Internet users from total number of subscribers is different. Beeline (Vioni Georgia) is leading with 66%, Silknet /Geocell – 59% and Magticom – 45%.

With highest rate of 4G internet average consumption rate was as follows: Beeline (Vioni Georgia) – 3 GB. Magticom – 2.9 GB and Silknet / Geocell – 1.2 GB.

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