Shopping, transport, food - Georgian travelers spendings

Shopping, transport, food - Georgian travelers spendings

The National Statistics department began to publish data on Georgian travelers. According to the survey, in the first quarter of 2019:

  • the number of Georgia’s resident visitors amounted to 484.8 thousand. The highest number of visits – 37.3 %, was carried out with the purpose of visiting friends / relatives.

  • as for the expenses, they amounted to 359.3 million GEL and the average expenditure of one visit was 741.0 GEL.

  • most of the visits were carried out in Turkey and Azerbaijan, respectively, 191.9 thousand and 112.1 thousand visits.

  • the average number of travel nights was 3.4 nights.

  • 91.6 % of visits were re-visits.

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