Statistics Of Cash Transfers In Georgia

Statistics Of Cash Transfers In Georgia

The volume of money streams transferred to Georgia in September was 124,4 mln USD, i.e. 306,8 mln GEL, which is 24,2% (24,2 mln USD) more than in September 2016.

In September, 19,0 mln USD (46,8 mln GEL) was transferred abroad from Georgia, compared to 15,3 mln USD (35,4 mln GEL) transferred in September last year.

The biggest share of the above amount was transferred to Russia – in September, 7,8 mln USD was transferred to Russia. Besides, in September, from Russia to Georgia was transferred 40,7 mln GEL.

2 mln USD was transferred from Georgia to Ukraine and 2,2 mln USD was transferred to Georgia from Ukraine within the same period. 1,6 mln USD was transferred from Georgia to Turkey and 1,1 mln USD – from Turkey to Georgia.

According to the data provided by transfer systems, the amounts transferred to Georgia are as follows:

Zolotaia Korona – $31,4 mln – 25,4% of total amount

Western Union – $22,6 mln – 18,2% of total amount

Unistream – $16,4 mln – 13,2% of total amount

Intel Express – $12,4 mln – 10,0% of total amount

Contact – $5,2 mln – 4,2% of total amount

Money Gram – $13,9 mln – 11,2% of total amount

RIA – $15,7 mln – 12,7% of total amount

Rico Gram – $3,5 mln – 2,8% of total amount

Major part of cash transferred from Georgia is through Zolotaia Korona, namely, 39% of total amount, which is 7,5 mln USD. 27% of total cash – 5,2 mln USD is transferred through Western Union and 13,9%, which makes 2,6 mln USD – through Unistream.

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