TANAP will get financing from EBRD

TANAP will get financing from EBRD

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has allocated 500 mln USD for TANAP project. Total value of the project is 8,6 bln USD. World Bank has invested 800 mln USD in the project and Asian Infrastructural Development Bank – 600 mln USD. EIB is planning to allocate 2 bln USD for financing of the project, however, the financial institution has not yet made final decision.

The Southern Gas Corridor was founded in March 2015. 1 850 km long TANAP pipeline will conduct 16 bln m3 of gas annually. Of which, about 6 bln m3 is meant for Turkey and the rest 10 bln m3 will be delivered to Europe through TANAP.

Total investment value of the second phase of Shah Deniz project is 45 bln USD, of which 2 bln USD investment will be made in Georgia.

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