Tbilisi Investment Potential research

Tbilisi Investment Potential research

Tbilisi Investment Potential and Offer for Tourists – Deloitte Georgia has presented sectoral research. The survey was commissioned by Tbilisi City Hall. According to the results, there are several priority directions, including health care, entertainment, trade, and others.
Detailed recommendations have been prepared according to the identified sectors.

Traditionally, almost half of Georgia’s economy comes to Tbilisi.

From 2013, FDI in Tbilisi was growing and reached USD742 million. In 2017 investments were increased to USD1.4 billion.

According to the sectors, the largest share – USD480 million – comes to Transport and Logistics, followed by the Financial sector with USD302 million and the Real estate market with USD158 million.

According to the survey, the number of Tbilisi population is 1 158 677 people, which is 31% of the total population of Georgia. Out of this, 510 916 persons are of active working age, which is 25.8% of the total workforce of Georgia. 384 thousand people are employed, which is 22.5% of total employment rate. 126 thousand people are unemployed. It is noteworthy that the unemployment rate in Tbilisi is 24%, which is higher in all regions of Georgia and exceeds the average level of unemployment in the country.

The average salary in Tbilisi is 17% higher compared to other Georgian cities, but according to the survey it is behind the average salary of other European cities with similar economies.

Average monthly salary in Tbilisi is USD465.

According to the sectors, the average compensation is as follows:

–          Agriculture sector – USD235

–          Hospitality – USD308

–          Health care – USD424

–          Transport and logistics – USD529

–          Real Estate – USD565

–          Communications and IT – USD621

–          Construction – USD701

–          Professional services – USD828

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