The American Interest - Launch of the Georgian Edition

The American Interest - Launch of the Georgian Edition

2020 is the year of the launch of the Georgian edition of The American Interest, a bimonthly US magazine primarily focused on foreign policy, international affairs, global economics, and cultural matters. Since its founding in 2005, The American Interest has established itself as one of the primary sources for understanding American poli5cs, policy, and culture. For a better comprehension of America and its role in the world, the magazine not only focuses on U.S. foreign and domes5c policy but also uncovers the sources from which those policies emerge. In the words of its founder and chairman, Professor Francis Fukuyama, the main purpose of the magazine is to help “explain America to the world, and the world to Americans.”

The magazine’s editorial board includes professors from Stanford, Harvard, Yale and other leading universities, American and European policymakers, U.S. foreign policy professionals and experienced diplomats, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning scientists and writers. In addition of the Editorial Board among contributing, editors are Francis Fukuyama, Anne Applebaum, Adam Garfinkle, Eliot Cohen, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Sebastian Mallaby, Hiro Aida, Mario Vargas Llosa, Robert Frank, Charles Davidson, Thomas O. Melia, David J. Kramer, and Jeffrey Gedmin.

In early 2020, an agreement has been reached between the EPRC and The American Interest execu5ve committee to launch the Georgian language licensed edition of The American Interest. This will be the first international edition of the magazine. The launch of the Georgian language edi5on is par5cularly important given the current situation of the Georgian print media, where the increase of reliable and diverse information is of crucial importance.

The publication of first-hand information on ongoing processes in American politics, economics and social life is also an important measure to counter the overwhelming volume of disinforma5on in the Georgian media space. Similar to its original edition, the Georgian-language magazine will be published every two months.

EPRC has set up a team of experienced editors, translators, publishers and designers who will ensure the highest quality of the Georgian edition. The print run will be of 3000 copies, reproducing the same layout and quality of the original edition. In order to increase the availability of the magazine for Georgian readership, the issues will be distributed free of charge to Georgian universities, public and private schools, libraries and bookstores, with special emphasis on distribution in the regions.

EPRC intends to involve its international partners in efforts to increase the visibility and promotion of the magazine in Georgia. Participants of the Stanford Leadership Academy for Development/LAD, the Tbilisi International Conference and other annual international EPRC events will be invited to take part in public talks and meetings related to the publication of The American Interest and held throughout Georgia.

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