The banks that have the highest rate of "inactive loans"

The banks that have the highest rate of "inactive loans"

In the beginning of the year, the total assets of Georgian banks equalled 39.7 billion GEL. For the same period, the volume of lending by commercial banks (including loans to non-residents) amounted to 26.6 billion GEL.

The share of inactive loans in the Georgian banking system was 5.6% at the end of 2018.

Inactive loans are defined as shares of loans, classified as non-standard, suspicious and high risk – from the total amout of loans that have been disbursed by the banks.

Following is the share of inactive loans in relation to total amount of loans disbursed by the Georgian Banks: 

Cartu Bank – 36.78%

Silk Road Bank – 15.59%

Halyk Bank Georgia – 10.65%

Liberty Bank – 8.42%

Terabank – 7.29%

VTB Bank – 6.65%

FINCA Bank Georgia – 5.81%

Bank of Georgia – 5.63%

Basisbank – 5.14%

TBC Bank – 4%

Ish Bank Georgia – 3.83%

Ziraat Bank Georgia – 3.03%

ProCredit Bank – 3%

Credo Bank – 1.54%

PASHA Bank Georgia – 0.34%

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