The engineer-supervision company “IGH” opened regional offices in Abastumani, Bagdati, and Sachkhere

The engineer-supervision company “IGH” opened regional offices in Abastumani, Bagdati, and Sachkhere

The newly opened offices will carry out supervision over construction of the Zemo Imereti-Racha and Bagdati-Abastumani connecting roads, which has been already commenced. 

The Abastumani, Bagdati, and Sachkhere regional offices are manned by Georgian, highly qualified engineers, which will carry out supervision on everyday basis and will make sure that the constructions works are in correspondence with the design. The Zemo Imereti-Racha and Bagdati-Abastumani connecting automobile roads were designed by “IGH”.  

With the aim of executing the projects within deadlines and effectively, the routes have been subdivided into several sections, in order to design several sections simultaneously and to start the simultaneous construction of these sections. Correspondingly, the design of specific sections of the connecting road has been completed and soon will start construction works, the design of other particular portions is still ongoing.   

About the company:   

INSTITUT IGH was founded in Croatia in 1949 and it was the sole engineer-scientific organization in the former Yugoslavia, which worked on the road infrastructure design. After Yugoslavia fell apart, the company widened its business scope and currently is the leader in the Eastern Europe Region. “Institute IGH”, besides Georgia, has branches in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Albania. The company also operates in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.   

In October 2012 in Croatian began the all comprising Debt Restructuring process 2012. The objective of the initiated by the Croatian government debt restructuring process was the placement within the borders of debt restructuring regulation of the previously indebted companies. “Institute IGH” was also involved in the debt restructuring process. Although, debt restructuring process started on June 10, 2013 was successfully completed in six months on December 5, 2013 after replacing main shareholder. 

The company has been successfully working on the local and international markets for 4 years now, it freely and without hindrances participates in international tenders, cooperates with international business partners and international banks. Its stocks are available on the Zagreb stock market.  

In Georgia company has started its activities at the end of 2016 when it signed a contract with the Roads Department of Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, for the provision of supervision services for routine repairs, periodic repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction, modernization, and construction works, disaster and other force major clean-up operations and bank protections works to be carried out on international and secondary roads of Georgia. Also, the “Institute IGH” Georgian Branch is occupied with the design of international and secondary significance road construction-reconstruction projects.  

Besides of Georgia, “Institute IGH” has won 8 tenders in 2017-2018, with total amount of Euro 14.4. In a meantime, company currently has been shortlisted in 10 international tenders, in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania and Slovenia.  

With the aim of preparation and requalifying of young engineers “Institute IGH” is closely collaborating with the Georgian Technical University. One of the company’s highest priorities is establishment of a strong and manned with experienced engineers branch in Georgia, which will be ready to carry out with the local personnel the execution of any complexity European standard infrastructural projects.   

The main business of “Institute IGH” comprises design of construction and technical supervision, design management, research, consultation service, laboratory testing of construction materials, and standardization. The company has designed thousands of kilometers of roads, 800 bridges, 80 km long tunnels, which is the longest tunnel in Croatia. Tunnels which designed by “Institute IGH” were recognized as safest structures in Europe in 2008-2009. 

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