The Largest State-Owned Employer Enterprises

The Largest State-Owned Employer Enterprises

State-owned enterprises in Georgia are considered to be potential fiscal risks. The majority of these enterprises are inactive and often make losses.

According to the data by the Ministry of Finance, there are 286 enterprises which pose fiscal risks and encompass 50 subsidiary companies. According to the business registry of the National Statistics’ office, state-owned enterprises operate in 12 different sectors. More than half of them operate in the following sectors: health care and social benefits, utility, social and personal services providers, and real estate, lease and customer services. 31.4 percent of the turnover of the enterprises are within the transport and communication sectors, 40.6 percent are in the sectors of electricity and power, gas and water production and distribution, and 18 percent are in trade operations.

The largest state-owned employer companies are the following:

Georgian Railway (Owner – Partnership Fund 100%)

Number of employees – 12 619

Turnover – 388,191,807.5 GEL

Ltd Tbilisi Transport Company (Tbilisi Municipality 100%)

Number of Employees – 6149

Turnover – 131,878,175.9 GEL

Georgia’s Melioration (Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture 100%)

Number of Employees – 5930

Turnover – 5,605,848.7 GEL

Tbilservice Group LTD (Tbilisi Municipality 100%)

Number of Employees – 5785

Turnover – 70,094,163.2 GEL

JSC Telasi (Partnership Fund 24%)

Number of Employees – 4044

Turnover – 455,585,332.4 GEL

United Water Supply Company Ltd (Ministry of Infrastructure 100%)

Number of Employees – 2772

Turnover – 42,367,971.4 GEL

Georgian Post (Ministry of Economy 100%)

Number of employees – 2456
Turnover – 87,496,925.0 GEL  

JSC State Electrosystem (Partnership Fund 100%)

Number of Employees – 1372
Turnover – 110,413,707.4 GEL  

State Food Supply (Ministry of Defense 100%)
Number of Employees – 1192
Turnover – 33,942,686.8 GEL

Enguri HPP (Ministry of Economics 100%)
Number of Employees – 933
Turnover – 54,168,637.9 lari

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