The Most Active Businesses Within TV Advertisement and Media

The Most Active Businesses Within TV Advertisement and Media

Throughout 2018, on television, the most amount of advertisement was placed by the companies of non-alcohol beverages, – this is the outcome of the IPM research, according to which, with the ad placement on air, the second position is held by the hygiene sector.

To sum up, 42 sectors have placed their advertisement on air, which counts a total of 601 companies. The research was made within the framework of monitoring 11 TV stations. These stations are First Channel, Adjara, Comedy TV, GDS, TV Imedi, Kavkasia TV, Marao, Music Box, Rustavi 2 and TV Pirveli.

Top 10 of the sector share within the TV advertisement in 2018 is as follows:

  • Non-alcohol beverages – 16%

  • Hygiene – 11%

  • Social – 10%

  • Food Products – 7%

  • Medications – 7%

  • Sweets – 6%

  • Domestic chemical products – 5%

  • Construction – 5%

  • Finances – 3%

  • Alcoholic beverages- 3%

  • Other – 27%

Concerning the total amount of the industries broadcasted in the media (not only on TV stations), according to IPM research, the most distributed sphere from the economy field is the financial sector.

Financial sector among the other 20 sectors, is on the leading position by broadcasting the advertisement by 44% share. The second is the ‘construction’ field with 11% share, number 3 with 6% is the network of restaurants and hotels. The next are auto and alcoholic industries with 4% and with 3% the aircraft and oil product sectors are in the 5th position. The rest of the share is distributed within other industries.

According to the research, the main player in the financial sector by the frequency of media broadcasting is TBC Bank. The main player in the construction sector is the ‘M2’ Company. Within the representatives of hospitality and tourism, ‘Radisson’ is holding the leading position.

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