The Number of Consumers’ Complaints to the Commercial Banks is Increasing

The Number of Consumers’ Complaints to the Commercial Banks is Increasing

In 2018, compared to 2017, the number of consumers’ complaints to the commercial banks has increased by almost 25%.

If in 2017 the number of complaints made 3665, then by the end of last year the amount has grown to a total of 4563 complaints. The majority of the observed complaints – 1049 –regarded the consumer loans, the following complaints are on the subject of account issues – 864, the number of complaints related to the credit cards is 441. The instant installment was the concern for 379 consumers, whereas the objections about the business loans reached a total of 226. The rest of the complaints comes to a different type of products.

According to the National Bank Data, last year, there were 79 complaints observed regarding a possible spread of the confidential information about the consumer.

From all the complaints, the discussions of which, made within the commercial banks, were completed last year, 1823 were found valid, whereas 4403 considered invalid. The amount of complaints for the commercial banks in the last few years is characterized by the growing tendency. One of the reasons for this factor could be that the consumers have become more active. In 2016, the number of complaints made 2857, in 2015 – 2697, whereas in 2014 it only reached 2895.

In the last year, there were 1459 complaints observed towards the microfinancing organizations, the majority of which – 1227, was concerning the consumer loan issues.



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