Top 10 Destinations in Europe for Georgian Travelers

Top 10 Destinations in Europe for Georgian Travelers

The most popular Schengen destination for Georgians in 2018 was Germany. During this year, 23,068 Georgians traveled to German and 271 were refused entry at the border. Based on annual statistics, Italy refused the highest number of Georgians in 2018 (341 people).

Among the European countries, Iceland is the least popular destination for Georgians to travel to. Within one year, 83 Georgians traveled to Iceland, out of which 4 were refused.

The top ten Schengen countries for Georgians traveling to Europe are as follows:


Number of Travelers – 83 068

Number of People Rejected – 271


Number of Travelers- 55 047

Number of People Rejected- 341


Number of Travelers- 41 573

Number of People Rejected – 147


Number of Travelers- 30 622

Number of People Rejected – 111


Number of Travelers- 30 214

Number of People Rejected -150


Number of Travelers- 28 524

Number of People Rejected- 186


Number of Travelers- 15 254

Number of People Rejected- 136


Number of Travelers- 12 016

Number of People Rejected- 10


Number of Travelers- 11 001

Number of People Rejected – 316


Number of Travelers- 11 836

Number of People Rejected – 7

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