Top 10 Exporters Of Georgian Wine

Top 10 Exporters Of Georgian Wine

In 2017, 76,7 mln bottles (0,75 l) of wine were exported from Georgia to 53 countries of the world, which by 54% exceeds the figure of 2016. Within the accounting period, wine worth of up to 170 mln USD was exported, which is 49% more than in 2016.

According to the information provided to Forbes by the National Wine Agency, top 10 companies exporting Georgian wine are:

  • JSC Tbilgvino
  • JSC Teliani Veli
  • Badagoni, Ltd.
  • Tpilisskyi Vinnyi Pogreb, Ltd.
  • Kakhuri Traditsiuli Megvineoba, Ltd.
  • Bolero & Company, Ltd.
  • Kartuli Gvinis Sakhli, Ltd.
  • JSC Telavis Gvinis Marani
  • Kvareli Wine Cellar
  • GWS, Ltd.

The top ten exporting companies, provided by the Agency is not presented in accordance with their rating. Besides, the Agency does not disclose the information on specific amount of wine exported by the above companies. In 2017, total of 250 companies exported different volumes of wine.

Among wines, named by their origin, the leader of export is Kindzmarauli – 12,8 mln bottles, next ones to come is Mukuzani – 4,2 mln bottles, Tsinandali – 3,4 mln bottles, Akhasheni – 1,5 mln bottles, Khvanchkara – 887,5 thousand bottles, Tvishi – 308,8 thousand bottles. 

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