The Leading Players At The Georgian Aviation Market

The Leading Players At The Georgian Aviation Market

In 2017, Georgian airports served 4 073 959 passengers. 90% of the Georgian aviation market is held by foreign air companies.

According to the number/percent share of transported passengers, the leader is Turkish Airlines, which served 463 840 passengers during the year and covered 12% of the entire market. Last year, the Turkish air company held 16% of the market.

10% of the market is held by Georgian Airways, which served 385 894 passengers.

The third position is held by Wizz Air, which served 313 325 passengers and covered 8% of the entire market.

7% of the market is held by Ukraine International Airlines, which served 282 616 passengers.

Top five air companies also include Fly Dubai, which served 244 208 passengers in 2017 and covered 6% of the market.

In 2017, the passenger flows in Georgian airports increased by 43.43%. In 2017, Tbilisi International Airport served  total of 3 164 139 passengers. 495 668 passengers were served by Batumi International Airport. In Kutaisi International Airport, passengers flows increased by 49.31%, which in total counts 405 173 passengers.

According to the number of passengers transported, 5% of the market is held by Aeropol. Last year, the air company served 198 754 passengers.

4% of the total market is held by Ural Airlines with 155 217 passengers served. 

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