Top 5 Largest Exporters Of Pharmaceutical Products

Top 5 Largest Exporters Of Pharmaceutical Products

Export of prepackaged pharmaceutical products is number five of Georgian top 5 export products. According to GeoStat, pharmaceutical products with total value of more than 140 mln USD were exported from Georgia last year, which is 5,2% of total export.

Largest amount of these products were exported to Uzbekistan. Pharmaceutical products of 52.6 mln USD were exported to this country during one year. Azerbaijan is number two among the export countries, where products worth of 22.3 mln USD were exported. Number three is Russia with 11.2 mln USD. Ukraine and Belarus are also among top 5 export countries with 10 and 9 mln USD respectively. 

Top 5 largest companies, producing pharmaceutical products and exporting them from Georgia are:

GMP. Ltd. – pharmaceutical factory of GMP, Ltd. is located in Tbilisi. The company exports over 100 pharmaceutical products to various countries of the world. In total, the company produces over 200 pharmaceutical products, about 60% of which are marketed locally and the rest is exported.

Pharmexime, Ltd. – the company was registered in 2015, Malta-based Sonix Holding, Ltd. holds 100% of shares of the company.

Pharma Logistic, Ltd. – the company is also one of top 10 exporting companies of Georgia. Pharma Logistic is mainly dealing with re-export of medicaments.

Welphar International, Ltd. – the company was registered in 2014 and Azeri citizen Vafadar Hasanov is the owner of the company.

Pharmstandart, Ltd. – the company was registered in 2017 and Avksenti Merabishvili is the holder of 100% of shares of the company.

Names of the companies provided to Forbes Georgia by National Statistics Office are not arranged according to their ratings. GeoStat doesn’t disclose information on specific volumes of products exported by the above companies. 

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