Treepex created Oxyn cryptocurrency

Treepex created Oxyn cryptocurrency

Treepex created new green cryptocurrency Oxyn, which, apart from financial gain, will allow users care about the environment. Several American and European financial institutions have shown interest to the project. The amount saved by users in Oxyn, will be diverted to green organizations and everybody will be able to plant a tree on his/her or other person’s behalf. Each planted tree will be equipped with a special microchip, by means of which it will be possible to follow-up the tree’s growing process. As a result, users will get an ‘Oxyn token’, photo of the tree and geographic location grid reference. Oxyn can be bought on the web page and as from the autumn, holders of token will be able to sell Oxyn cryptocurrency for a higher price.

Lasha Kvantaliani, one of the founders of the company states that the crypt ecosystem is based upon blockchain technology. Its main goal is connect businesses and their clients.

“We are creating a network of companies, which are ready to offer something exclusive to their clients, the so-called ‘green people’, holders of Oxyn. This may be a salad in a café, prepared specially for them or an exclusive room in a hotel, a special business class sit on a plane and so on,” – states Lasha Kvantaliani, founder of Treepex company.

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