What are Georgian Employers Looking For: the Most Popular Vacancies

What are Georgian Employers Looking For: the Most Popular Vacancies

The number of job vacancies announced by HR.GE was more than 30,000 in 2017.

Most of the announced vacancies required a medium to professional education. These numbers are the result of the labor market’s 2018 survey that was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy.

The majority of vacancies announced (34.2%) on the private recruiting agency HR.GE were related to customer service and the sales industry.  The share of specialists (17.2%), technicians (13%), and office administrators (11.8%) in the announced vacancies is quite high. This suggests that in the majority of the cases the vacancies require mid-level skills – 53.7% (education following the completion of secondary education), followed byhigh level skills – 36.9% (higher education) and low-level skills – 9.4% (primary and basic education).

The number of vacancies in the field of customer service is the result of a high demand for sales personnel (81.4%); in particular, the demand is high for shop consultants (6615 vacancies) and cashiers (1630 vacancies). There is also a high demand for waiters (744), security service workers (476), cleaners (316) and barmen (306).

17.2% of job vacancies posted on HR.GE are comprised of specialists from various fields. The vacancies under the specialist sub-groups are concerned with highly intellectual work and require qualifications from higher education. 

Among the specialists, the majority of the vacancies are for business and administration specialists (49.8%) and advertising and marketing specialists (881 vacancies), accountants (812 vacancies), financial analysts (329 vacancies), and career advancement specialists (313 vacancies).

From the above-mentioned specialists, the demand is high in health care (17.8%), and the law, social, and cultural spheres (14.3%).

The demand is also substantially high among the science and engineer sectors, for graphics and multimedia designers (308 vacancies), civil engineering (192 vacancies) and engineers/electricians (94 vacancies). This suggests that there is demand for graphic designers (digital painters, animators, illustrators, web designers), construction and energy specialists.

In terms of the number of vacancies announced, the majority were for managing directors and senior management (274 vacancies), managers of financial and insurance services (242 vacancies), restaurants (94 vacancies), hotels (73 vacancies) and financial managers (74 vacancies) .

The smallest number of job vacancies (0.2%) were published for qualified workers from the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sectors, whose qualification requirements include primary and basic education. According to the survey, the low demand rate can be explained by the fact that agriculture is a highly self-employed field and hired labor is quite rare.

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