Branding of Water Gudauri Reflects the Spirit of Georgia

Branding of Water Gudauri Reflects the Spirit of Georgia

Georgia is located at the eastern end of the Black Sea on the southern flanks of the main crest of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Situated midway between Europe and Asia, the small nation packs a lot in – ancient cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, snowy mountains and lush nature. Georgia’s mountains define the Caucasus country and they occupy 65 percent of Georgia’s territory, providing Georgia with priceless resources such as clean energy, as well as offering ideal locations for farming, recreation and tourism.

Water Gudauri is bottled in one of the historical villages of Georgia – Natakhtari. The brand produces water that is already filtered naturally through the many kilometers of Caucasus mountain ranges, therefore, it has a competitive advantage on the market. To further differentiate its brand identity, Water Gudauri has made a bold statement with its minimalistic and meaningful packaging design. The company set ambitious goals:

1) To establish its brand personality as a water producing company that replaces traditional with contemporary;
2) Portray Georgia’s unique nature as the main element of the packaging design in order to effectively deepen the customer association for the brand.

The product of this strategy is a sophisticated, contemporary bottle where you can see engraved mountains which are the symbol of Georgia’s brave spirit – Caucasus mountains. Thus, the design gives a sense of ethnicity to the brand and establishes an emotional bondage with Georgian customers. Because of this strategy Water Gudauri has established a strong esteem in Georgia, and is considered a strong local brand with a goal to become a global brand. Furthermore, the appearance of the mountains also sends the message about the pure product quality. The transparency of the bottle also highlights the premium quality of water and establishes a strong sense of trust among customers.

Water Guduri has shaped the brand image by breaking the traditional understanding of what a water bottle should look like. Hence, instead of choosing already well-saturated color pallet for water bottles, Water Gudauri prioritized innovation and focused on scarlet red – as a symbol of excitement, energy and courage. The combination of red and white was also inspired by the Georgian flag. Moreover, the minimalistic typography is consistent with the brand’s noble spirit.

By choosing contemporary design that portrays the values of Georgia, Water Gudauri positions its brand as high end and fashionable. As a result of tactical objectives and strategic moves, many customers love Water Gudauri not only because of its distinct packaging design, but also because of the pursuit of brand beliefs.

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