Charity Rating And Georgia

Charity Rating And Georgia

Charities Aid Foundation publishes annual ratings of the most charity giver countries. The rating is based on three main criteria: heling strangers; transferring money to charity organizations; volunteer work.

In the current year rating, data of 139 countries was analyzed. Top position of the rating is held by Myanmar, the rating of the country is 65 major parts of its population participates to the three criteria necessary for charity.

Second and third positions are held by Indonesia and Kenia. United States of America is in the fifth position of the rating and Canada – in the seventh.

Last year, in 80 countries of the world the rate of helping strangers reduced, majority of these countries are located in Asia and West Europe.

Georgia is number 135 on the list. Armenia holds 122nd position, Azerbaijan – 126th and Turkey and Russia – 124th.

In the helping strangers criterion, Georgia holds 113th position with 38 points. In the criterion of transferring money to a charity organization, Georgia’s position is 137 and in the voluntary work criterion – 124.

The rating depends upon Gallup survey results. Highest rate of participation in the survey was registered in China (4373). Up to 500 people participated in the survey in small countries. 

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