Countries in which Georgians by property most often

Countries in which Georgians by property most often

Most often, Georgians by property in Spain, Germany, USA and Thailand. Recently, interest has also grown towards Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland) and Near East (Dubai). According to information, provided by Propertyabroad Company, dealing with international property trade, selling price for property normally starts from 20 000 euros. The ceiling price sometimes reaches tens of millions of dollars.

In Georgia, most frequently, people want to buy properties for 100 000 euros and less.

In Propertyabroad we were told that in Spain, most popular direction is Barcelona. In addition, Georgians are interested in purchasing hotel rooms in Thailand. By now, there are already several Georgians, who own such hotel rooms.

“There are also proposals based on which one can buy a share in a property, the price of which would not exceed 25 000 dollars. E.g., in USA, if one buys a share in a property, the property is rented out for a couple of years and the rental is paid to the owner. Georgian buyers also want to buy shares in co-working offices, which is new for Georgia. But this is becoming popular also abroad due to interesting concept of such a deal.

Property purchase proposals differ country by country and are dependent on legislation of a specific country”, – as state representatives of Propertyabroad.

In Spain and Germany, the price for property starts from 65 000 euros. “Quite often, interest is shown by parents, whose children study abroad and they have to pay high monthly rentals for their apartments”

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