Countries that are Mastering the Cosmos

Countries that are Mastering the Cosmos

The United States is still the leading country in space and owns twice as many satellites that orbit the earth compared to the rest of the other top 10 countries with satellites.  

At the moment the earth is orbited by 1950 satellites and the amount of grows every year. The implementation of cosmic missions began on a national level; however, given the framework of decreased expenses, there is  increased competition and private companies in digital broadcasting have also appeared in the cosmos. As a result, cosmic objects have  became affordable to countries who cannot provide afford the cost of launching their own satellites into orbit. Leaving the earth and sending tourists to cosmos has also become part of the income of some private companies.

According to reports by the UCS Satellite, the leader country in the cosmos is The United States and it owns twice as many satellites outside the earth than the rest of the top 10 countries.

The 2018 data states that the number of the satellites by countries is as follows:

•             USA – 830

•             China – 280

•             Russia –  147

•             Multinational – 145

•             Japan – 75

•             United Kingdom – 54

•             India – 54

•             Canada – 37

•             Luxembourg – 33

•             Germany – 29 

•             Spain – 17 

•             Argentina – 14

•             The rest of the countries – 242 

At the moment, that of the majority of the satellites in orbit,  846 are being used for commercial reasons, 145 satellites are destined for civil purposes, 385 objects are for government use, and 302 for purposed related to the military.

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