Ford, Adidas and Denny’s join the growing list of companies pausing Facebook ad spending

Ford, Adidas and Denny’s join the growing list of companies pausing Facebook ad spending

Major advertisers are continuing to join the ”#StopHateForProfit” campaign, promising to stop spending money on Facebook ads in July to pressure the company to do more to stop the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

Here’s a rundown of companies that announced they were suspending advertising on Monday.

Adidas and its Reebok subsidiary will suspend Facebook and Instagram advertising globally through the end of July. The companies said they will “develop criteria to hold ourselves and every one of our partners accountable for creating and maintaining safe environments.”

Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy said it will pause advertising on Facebook and Instagram starting July 1. The company said as of now, the pause will go through July.

Cleaning supply giant Clorox is stopping advertising on Facebook and Instagram through December and will shift its ad spend to other media. It will also stop spending on Facebook Audience Network.

Conagra, the maker of Slim Jim, Duncan Hines and Pam, will stop U.S. advertising with Facebook and Instagram through 2020.

Fast food chain Denny’s is joining the campaign and will not advertise on Facebook or Instagram for the month of July.

Ford is pausing all U.S. social media advertising for the next 30 days in order to evaluate its presence on the platforms, the company said.

HP will stop U.S. advertising on Facebook until the company sees “more robust safe guards in place,” the company said Monday.

Sportswear maker Puma said on Twitter it was joining the ”#StopHateForProfit” campaign and “stopping all advertisements on Facebook and Instagram throughout July.”

These companies join Coca-Cola, Diageo, Honda, Starbucks, Verizon and Unilever among others. In some cases, companies also suspended ad spending on other social media platforms as well.


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