Georgia And Digital Services

Georgia And Digital Services

“Citizens of Georgia support global digital trends and are even in advance of some European priorities in terms of innovations”, – is stated in the Mastercard Digitalization of Life survey, which studied the attitude in Georgia towards digital technologies and services, usage of digital bank solutions and demand for innovations.

74% of the participants of the survey named cell phones as the most desirable device for financial settlements. The Matercard Impact of Innovation survey conducted in Europe before revealed that 60% of respondents supported the trend of completing settlements by means of smartphones. 44% of interviewed citizens of Georgia considers fingerprint identification as the best method of identification for payments, while in Europe, this method is prioritized by 38% of citizens.

The survey revealed that 85% of participants support digitalization of bank services and 76% of respondents noted that they already have positive experience of digital services.

The main argument for Georgian citizens for using innovative technologies turned out to be the speed and saving of time – this was noted by 69% of those interviewed. Reasons to come next are simplicity of usage and availability with any device. Among financial digital services, in Georgia tax payment, money transfers and online shopping are most used.

48% of the interviewed uses contactless card payments. The most popular place for non-cash payment, as the survey shows, are retail food shops. Citizens of Georgia also would like to be able to use payment cards in taxis, online shopping and public transport. Among the key benefits that card holders would like to receive from banks in Georgia are: special offers (54%), usage of ATMs of other banks (48%) and discounted bank products (48%).

By the order of Mastercard, the Digitalization of Life survey was conducted by IPM Research company, in fall, 2017. 1000 men and women, who are bank service users and bank card holders of 20-75 years of age, participated to the survey in Tbilisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Zugdidi, Poti and Gori. Survey methodology used: CATI – telephone interviewing computer system.

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