Georgia exports 63% of wine to Russia

Georgia exports 63% of wine to Russia

In the first 5 months of 2019, 33,6 million bottles (0,75 l) of wine exported to 39 countries of the world from Georgia. This a 6% growth compared to the same period of the previous year.

21 372 581 bottles of them, or 63.3% of the total volume, were exported to Russia.

In 2018, Georgia exported 86,2 million bottles (0,75 l) of wine to 53 countries.  

53 682 627 bottles or 62.1% of the total volume were exported to Russia.

Russian Service for Surveillance on consumer rights, “Rospotrebnadzor”, announced on June 24 about the tightening control over alcoholic drinks produced in Georgia, citing an alleged “deterioration” in the quality of beverages.

Based on the statement of the Russian federal executive body, the volume of imported alcoholic products irrelevant to compulsory requirements increased 2.9 times and reached 203 000 liters in the period of 2014-2018.

The Georgian wine import to Russia exceeded its pre-embargo level by 6%, compared to 5% before the embargo.

Despite the fact that the number of Georgian wine export markets increased and exceeded 55 countries, Russia is Georgia’s largest export market for wine.

The top 5 countries by export of Georgian wine in 2018:

  1. Russia – 53,682,627 bottles

  2. Ukraine – 10,687,835 bottles

  3. China – 6,951,019 bottles

  4. Kazakhstan – 3,599,143 bottles

  5. Poland – 3,508,122 bottles

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