Georgia holds 84th place in the world in terms of internet access

Georgia holds 84th place in the world in terms of internet access

According to the information, provided by the World Economic Forum, Georgia has advance with regard to access to internet and is holding now 84th place in the world. Last year, Georgia’s position was 85th in the world.

In the rating, which brings together data for 137 countries of the world, the first position is held by Iceland, second – by Bahrein, and the third of the top three is Luxemburg. The rating of Iceland is 98,2, while the rating of Georgia is 50. Among the neighboring countries, Georgia has the worst rating: Turkey holds 70th position, Armenia – 62nd, and Azerbaijan – 34th.

With regard to accessibility of new technologies, Georgia’s position in the rating is 111th, netween Vietnam and the Republic of Zambia. With this criterion, Ukraine holds 107th position, Russia – 84th, Armenia – 77th, Turkey – 57th, Azerbaijan – 44th. Top three countries are Finland, Norway and Switzerland.

As regards to acquisition of technologies by companies, Georgia is in 108th position, Armenia – 77th, Russia – 72nd, Turkey – 46th and Azerbaijan – 46th.

Based on the criterion of adaptation of technologies, Georgia is number 106 in the world.

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