Has the number of poor people in Georgia reduced by 400,000 in the last 7 years?

Has the number of poor people in Georgia reduced by 400,000 in the last 7 years?

Almost 20% of Georgia`s population is under the poverty line, according to poverty indicators published by the National Statistics office of Georgia (GEOSTAT). The poverty rate is calculated by the World Bank’s methodology, according to which the absolute and relative poverty index is calculated from household income and expenditure surveys.
According to the World Bank, the poverty reduction was observed between 2010-2016. In 2016, the share of the population under absolute poverty

line increased and reached 21,3%. By the end of 2018 it decreased to 20.1%.

Georgia`s population has reached 3 729 600 people in 2018. GEOSTAT does not calculates how many people live below the poverty line, but simple calculation shows that 749 649 people were below poverty line.
According to GEOSTAT, Georgian population in 2012 was 3 739 300, the poverty rate – 30%, or 1 121 790 people lived below the poverty line. It turns out that after 2012 the number of poor people has decreased by about 372 thousand people.
By the end of May, 2019  the number of beneficiaries receiving subsistent allowance increased and reached 467 284 people.

According to the Social Service Agency data, 12.5% of the population receive subsistence allowance.

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