Largest Cement Producers

Largest Cement Producers

Production of cement and clinker takes place in most countries across the world. However, the 10 largest manufacturers account for almost half of all global production (41%). China is the world’s largest producer of cement. In recent years, we have witnessed the amalgamation of several companies on the market. The list of largest companies is headed by CNBM, which itself recently merged with the fellow Chinese firm Sinoma.

According to the GlobalCement portal, the list of the world’s largest cement producers in 2018 was as follows:

China National Building Material  (CNBM)

Country: China

Annual Production: 521 000 000 tonnes

Anhui Conch Cement

Country: China

Annual Production: 353 000 000 tonnes

Lafarge Holcim

Country: France/Switzerland

Annual Production: 312 900 000 tonnes

Heidelberg Cement

Country: Germany

Annual Production: 195 600 000 tonnes

BBMG Corporation

Country: China

Annual Production: 170 000 000 tonnes

China Shanshui Cement Group (SUNNSY)

Country: China

Annual Production: 100 380 000 tonnes

Huaxin Cement

Country: China

Annual Production: 100 000 000 tonnes

UltraTech Cement

Country: India

Annual Production: 96 500 000 tonnes


Country: Mexico

Annual Production: 92 600 000 tonnes

Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC)

Country: Taiwan

Annual Production: 74 700 000 tonnes

China TianRui Group

Country: China

Annual Production: 56 700 000 tonnes

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