Most popular cars in Georgia

Most popular cars in Georgia

In 2018, the number of automobiles in Georgia increased by 5.1% , which is the lowest growth rate in recent years, compared to 5.3% growth rate in 2017, 8% in 2016 and 8.2% in 2015.

Despite the positive growth rate of 45.5%, vehicles in Georgia are over 20 years old. The share of 4-year-old vehicles in the country is only 1.9%, from 4- to 6 years – 3.9%, however, in 2018 the number of 4 to 6-year-old vehicles grew by 36%.

82% of the automobiles are light and light all-terrain vehicles, most of which are dark /silver (30%) and white (17%).  As for most of the widely used light vehicles, the largest share belongs to Opel Astra, followed by Mercedes-Benz E and Mercedes Benz C.

By registration of owners by regions, 35% (481 888 cars) of total fleet belongs to Tbilisi, 13.6% – Imereti/ Racha-Lechkhumi , 10% – Kvemo Kartli , 8.5% – Kakheti, 8.2% – Adjara, 6.3% – Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti, 5.6% – Shida Kartli and the remaining number is for other regions.

76% of cars in Tbilisi are registered for males and 24% for females. This difference for the rest of Georgia is even bigger. For example, in Kakheti region, 90% of the vehicles are registered for men, only 10% for women; In Adjara 85% – for men and 15% for women, in Shida Kartli – 88% for men and 12% for women.

In 2018 the import of motor vehicles increased by 2%. In comparison with previous year, we saw sharp reduction (-55%) of imported vehicles from Japan.  Currently, US has the leading position in import market with 60% of total share. In 2018, imports from Belgium were almost 2,5 times higher than that of previous year, and import rate from Turkey is 67% higher.

In 2018, under one year old  vehicle import increased by 23%, from 1 to 3 years old vehicles by 39%,  4-6 years old vehicles by 86% and 11-20 year old cars import was decreased by 43%.

The import of right-hand drive cars decreased by 47% compared to the previous year and amounted to 9,7% of total imports.
Most of the vehicle export from Georgia fell on Armenia (53%) in 2018. The number of exported cars in Kyrgyzstan increased 22-fold and to Azerbaijan 2-fold, compared with the previous year.

Re-export of right-hand drive cars decreased by 42% and totaled to 4% of total amount.

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