Badagoni: The Working Processes Terminated

Giorgi Salakaia, director general of Badagoni, together with his lawyer Zaza Khatiashvili and employees, held a special briefing in Zemo Khodasheni factory.

As Salakaia stated, after Badagoni was entered by representatives of Financial Division of the Ministry of Finance, the whole enterprise is paralyzed and the working process has been terminated.

“Badagoni is a leader and that is why they rushed in yesterday. Behind these actions we can clearly see the interests of influential people, including David Bezhuashvili, former member of Parliament, who used Vladimer Janjgava as an instrument for interference. We are not going to surrender. Within the next three days our partner companies will be mobilized to support us and international society will learn about the conditions Georgian business is forced to operate in”, - Salakaia stated.

According to the Director General, “as a result of such vandal interferences hundreds of people lose their jobs”.

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