Oil Extracting And Processing In Georgia

Oil Extracting And Processing In Georgia

In 2017, 23425.53 tons of oil was processed in Georgia. According to the State Agency of Oil and Gas, as a result following was produced:

Naphtha – 3424.9 tons;

Petrol – 2197.7 tons;

Diesel – 9986.9 tons;

Mazout – 8751.9 tons.

Globus, Ltd. and ZD Oil Company, Ltd. are two oil processing plants, licensed in Georgia. 25-year licenses for both enterprises were issued in 2015. It is notable that the Georgian oil product market is 98% dependent upon imported fuel.

The Globusi, Ltd. plant is located nearby Veli railway station in Tbilisi and its capacity, according to the technological design, is 80.000 tons per year. ZD Oil Company, Ltd. is located in Matkopi Village of Gardabani Municipality, in Vaziani territory and its capacity is 130.000 tons per year. According to the information provided by the State Agency of Oil and Gas, for certain reason, Globusi, Ltd. is not presently processing crude oil.

As to extraction of oil in Georgia, its volume is very small and is diminishing every year. According to the Oil and Gas Corporation, in 2016, 38 557 tons of oil was extracted in Georgia. To compare, in 2015, the volume extracted was 40 206 tons, in 2014 – 42 632 tons, in 2013 – 47 863 tons and in 2012 – 48 977 tons.

The share of the Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation in the oil extracted within the same period of time was 17 102 tons and 21 455 tons was of the contractor.

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