Railway will possibly be extended to Supsa oil processing plant

Railway will possibly be extended to Supsa oil processing plant

Investment cost of the oil processing plant project has increased from 1,5 bln to 2 bln USD. The project is being implemented by Georgian-Iranian Company Geopars. Company representatives state that railway will possibly be extended to the plant. For this purpose, negotiations are being held with Georgian Railway and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Georgia. Moreover, the area of the land handed over to the company has also increased – for the purpose of implementation of the project the government handed over to the company additional 63 ha of land.

Representatives of Geopars also state that tender on project management has been launched, and it will be completed during one month.

“Production cycles have been added to the project, petrochemistry has increased for about 40%. Negotiations on selling the end product are being held with the largest companies of the world.

We’ve already received the confirmation of the Ministry of Oil of Iran for the delivery of 5 mln tons of product annually to the oil processing plant”, – they say at the Company. As far as transportation is concerned, in addition to direct delivery, exchange is also being considered.

The project consists of three components: oil processing enterprise, petrochemical enterprise and logistical center. For construction of the plant, work on environmental impact assessment document will start in the nearest future.

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