Tbilisi Rates 187 With Quality Of Living

Tbilisi Rates 187 With Quality Of Living

Vienna, capital of Austria, offers its residents the highest quality of living – this is the result of Mercer’s Quality of Living Index 2018. The rating involves 231 cities of the world and the results are derived based on the following indicators: economic state, social and political environment, healthcare, education, public services, transport, recreation, consumer goods, etc. Baghdad, Iraq, is the lowest-ranking city in terms of quality of living.

Among ten highest-ranking cities, 8 are European, of which 3 cities are in Germany and 3 – in Switzerland.

Vienna has been on top of the list for nine consecutive years now.

This year, Tbilisi ranks 187. Apart from the quality of living, Mercer annually publishes da Cost of Living Index for various cities of the world. In 2017, Tbilisi ranked 204 on the list. Luanda, capital of Angola, was named as the most expensive city.

Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, ranks 196, Yerevan is number 171 on the list and Istanbul is number 134.

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