The possible effect of Russian flight suspension to Georgia

The possible effect of Russian flight suspension to Georgia

Starting on July 8, 2019, Russian airlines are temporarily prohibited from carrying out air transportation (including commercial) of citizens from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of Georgia.

“If we allow the most radical scenario, the Russian visitor will no longer enter Georgia from July, the number of visitors in 2019 will reach 8.3 million, which is higher than 2017,” – says Transparency International Georgia. According to them, 70% of visitors from Russia enter Georgia by land transport and 29% by air flights.

“In 2017, a single Russian visitor spent 984 GEL (400 USD) on average.

Suspension of direct air traffic, if travelers will not use other ways, will reduce Georgia’s revenue by about 100 million dollars in 2019 “- explains TI.

In recent years, the growth rate of visitors from Russian was the highest among neighboring countries:

2018 – 1.4 million visitors

2017 – 1.1 million visitors

2016 – 0.8 million visitors

2015 – 0.7 million visitors

2014 – 0.6 million visitors

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