Top upcoming events for the following week

Top upcoming events for the following week

In the upcoming week, the Eurozone will announce an interest rate decision. The six-member states of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, as well as the Governors of the 16 Central Banks of the Eurozone, are voting on whether to reduce or increase monetary policy.

Also, the European Central Bank will hold a monthly press conference on Thursday to announce the resumption of monetary policy and then allow attendees to ask questions.

This week, the Eurozone will also announce its trade balance for May, and in the UK, the updated GDP ratio will be published.

Significant economic indicators are expected to be published in China as well, in particular, the June trade balance, export-import indicators will be published. In addition, real estate prices in China will be announced for June. Unemployment rates and updated data on retail sales will also be published.

The US Treasury Department will present a semi-annual report to Congress, which will focus on economic and monetary policies in the major US trading partners.

Also interesting will be the number of cars registered in Italy, Germany, and the UK.

This week will be also important because of the upcoming OPEC monthly report, which will present the trends in the world oil market, as well as the expected shifts in the crude oil market in the coming years. The report will provide a detailed analysis of what influences the oil market, demand and supply.

Finally, it will be interesting to note the May rate of gold production in South Africa. As we know, this country is one of the leaders in gold mining and production.

As for stocks, big-picture trends around economic growth and COVID-19 outbreaks will dominate headlines over the next few days, but earnings season is also ramping up again. So, let’s take a closer look at the upcoming reports that could send PepsiCo and Domino’s stocks moving this week.

Pepsi’s last operating update only covered the period that ended on March 21, and so investors will be studying Monday’s report to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic affected its global business through June.

The results should be mixed. Beverage sales will be hurt by slumping entertainment and restaurant demand. Rival Coca-Cola said drink volumes plunged 25% in early April, due to the cancellation of sporting events and concerts.

Domino’s has been one of the best-performing stocks in the fast-food niche because its delivery-focused selling approach appears tailor-made for the current selling environment. Consumers flocked toward its convenient offerings during the early days of the pandemic when most restaurants closed. The chain said comparable-stores sales spiked by over 20% in late April and early May.

CEO Richard Allison warned investors in May that there was no telling how those trends might change over the coming weeks and months, which means there’s a wide range of potential sales figures that Domino’s could report on Thursday. One metric that might cut through the noise is market share. Domino’s has been on an almost unbroken 10-year streak of wins in that arena, but rivals both inside and outside the pizza niche have been doing their best to try to stall that positive momentum.

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