Most Profitable Mobile Network Operators In Georgia

Most Profitable Mobile Network Operators In Georgia

Over the period of first eight months of the year, mobile network operators in Georgia gained income amounting to 249,177,853 GEL (without VAT and excise duty).

In August, incomes of the operators amounted to 41,944,890 GEL, which is the highest value of the year.

The incomes of mobile network operators within eight months of the year, compared to similar period of last year, have increased by 20,2 mln GEL.

Incomes by mobile network operators: 

Magticom – 135,8 mln GEL

Geocell – 108,7 mln GEL

Mobitel (Beeline) – 48,7 mln GEL

Silknet – 729 000 GEL

Gmobile – 94 090 GEL

Within these 8 months the biggest growth of income was registered with Magticom – annual income of the company has grown by approximately 12 mln GEL. Annual income of Geocell has increased by more than 7 mln GEL.

In August, highest income was generated by Magticom and it made 19,2 mln GEL. Within the same period, income of Geocell made 15,6 mln GEL and of Beeline – 7 mln GEL.

According to the data provided by the National Communications Commission, there are 5,112,307 cell phone subscribers in Georgia. Out of this number, 1,997,546 are Magticom subscribers, 1,803,420 – of Geocell, 1,290,582 – Beeline, 18,523 – Silknet and 2,236 – Gmobile.

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