Georgia’s top 10 Investor Companies

According to the GeoStat (National Statistics Office of Georgia) preliminary data, in the second quarter of 2018, the foreign direct investments in Georgia amounted to 289.2m USD, which in comparison to the second quarter of 2017 marks an increase of 9.4%.

The country with the largest share in foreign direct investments in Georgia is Azerbaijan with 20.7%, in the second place is Czech Republic with 20%, and the Netherlands takes the third place with 16.8%. The largest share of foreign direct investments went to the energy sector and amounted to 108.8m USD, which is 28% of the total foreign direct investments.

Top 10 largest investor companies in Georgia are the following:

-          IDS Borjomi Georgia – producer of mineral water and other non-alcoholic beverages    

-          Magticom Ltd – mobile communications operator         

-          Frontera Resources Corporation – Georgian Branch -  Oil and Gas International Company Representation      

-          JSC Energy-pro Georgia– electricity production and distribution     

-          JSC BGeo Group – Investment Group, current Bank of Georgia and Georgian Capital     

-          BP Group – Energy transportation and Fuel supply     

-          JSC RMG Copper – energy, energy resources and extractive resources      

-          Acharistskali Georgia, Ltd. – energy, energy resources and extractive resources, finances   

-          Georgian Branch of Azfen JV – (Azerbaijani company in Georgia) construction     

-          Georgian Tourism Development Fund, Ltd. – tourism fund of co-investment fund,

The abovementioned companies are not arranged according to their ranking. The statistics department does not provide information on the specific size of the investments carried out by the companies during the reporting period.

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The largest investor companies in Georgia

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The largest investor companies in Georgia

The largest investor companies in Georgia

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