Skipping past milestones: fintech Raisin exceeds 20 billion Euro in deposits

Skipping past milestones: fintech Raisin exceeds 20 billion Euro in deposits

The Berlin-based fintech Raisin has now placed more than 20 billion EUR with banks in 25 countries, while at the same time managing an investment volume of over 500 million EUR. Since launch in 2013, the savings and investments marketplace has experienced sustained growth. The expansion from deposits into investments and then, through the acquisition of pensions specialist fair, into retirement funds, tracks the company’s stated mission of becoming a one-stop-shop for profitable, transparent wealth management products throughout Europe.

Raisin addresses the interest rate differences across European markets by collecting a range of deposits from different banks all in one place, often enabling consumers to access savings products with more attractive interest rates than may be available in their own countries. Now 90 financial institutions, from the incumbent to neo banks to insurers, offer more than 600 deposits on Raisin platforms, all secured through the EU’s deposit guarantee guidelines. Raisin has seven dedicated country platforms, in Germany, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, France, and Ireland – providing in most cases the highest interest rates available in markets that otherwise face punishingly low average retail rates. A pan-European platform at provides savers in every other European market access to the fintech’s range of competitive cross-border deposits.

Raisin’s German platform expanded in 2018 to include a set of award-winning ETF (exchange-traded funds) portfolios. “WeltInvest” focuses on cost-effective investment products for self-directed investors, in partnership with Vanguard and DAB BNP Paribas. In 2019, Raisin acquired to include pension products, also in the German market. Fair’s fully digital, German state-sponsored “Riester” and “Rürup” along with company-run pension products share the same focus on cost-effectiveness and transparency. Together with the fintech’s pensions and investments arm now manages more than half a billion Euros.

Dr. Tamaz Georgadze, co-founder and CEO of Raisin: “Reaching these new milestones affirms the relevance of our mission – breaking down barriers so that savings can actually pay off. Now more than ever we believe in the benefits of cross-border banking and harmonizing liquidity imbalances, as well as regulation, across Europe.”


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